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How To Render And Export/Save Adobe After Effects CC 2017

To generate output, you can either render your compositions using the After Effects render queue or add your compositions to the Adobe Media Encoder queue with the render settings that you have chosen in the Render Queue panel.

If you don't have Adobe Media Encoder, you need to download Quicktime Software that can get the output Video in mp4 H.264. If you do not download it will not show up in you video option. So Download the latest one that I give the link below.

Download Quicktime 

Firstly when you have finish editing video, click Composition -> Add to Render Queue

At below it will pop out this and then Click Lossless behind the Output Module.
#Output To is where you want to save the video.

After that at Format, you need to choose  Quicktime -> and then click Format Options

At video Codec choose H.264. 

After Finish it clicks Render. And you had saved your video. It really easy.

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