FYP (Final Year Projek) - Automatic Potato Slicer

It's been a month since I post articles because busy with my Final Exam and next sem i will go practical in Sabah . Today I want to share about my FYP project.Automatic potato slicer is a machine that can slice the potato in thin cut potato strips and get the thickness to make potato chips. By using the automatic potato slicing machine, it will make work a lot easier.  
Design of Project
 Potato chips or kerepek ubi is one of the famous fast food in Malaysia. Potato chips becomes food choices of all ages from young to old. The food is also available everywhere at the roadside stalls, the mall and other shop. There different type of potato chips like normal potato chips, curry potato chips, black pepper potato chips, the spicy wet potato chips and also the spicy dry potato chips.  

Block Diagram Operation
 When we put the potato in, it will block the sensor. This will turn on the motor and slice the potato. If the pushbutton OFF is pressed and the potato is in it, the IR sensor will detect it but only Yellow LED will turn on, this doesn't not make the motor to activate. The motor will activate if the Yellow LED from the sensor is on and the RED LED  at the relay is on.

     The casing is made out of zinc that can be easily shaped by using equipment like hand drill, welding equipment and also bolt cutters to make the casing to be properly well shaped. This action is taken by a well trained person to make the casing. The casing will shaped in a box kind of shape for the components of the automatic potato slicer to be placed in. The casing will have three parts that is the lower casing, the upper casing and the Perspex cover to cover the top of the casing The upper casing will have a holder in it that can hold the motor. When the motor is on it will give a force to the casing. The motor will need a holder for it to be placed in

Blade Plate

    Inside the upper casing, there will be placed a motor and the plate blade to slice the potato. For the plate blade to slice the potato, The plate blade need to be sharpened with a tone sharpener. The plate blade must be sharpened properly for the blade to slice the potato. Otherwise, the potato can't be slice. 

Sliced Potato
Figure up shows the sliced potato that have been sliced by blade, This part shows how the potato enter into the Perspex container to slice the potato. The potato is sliced in the slicer into sliced potato. The front of the casing will have a hole so that it can place a container in it to get the sliced potato.

Gantt Chart

If anyone want this project you can call me 019-9663882 or email to nikzhafran@gmail.com . 

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