IOT Watering System using Blynk

Numerous individuals are confronting issues watering the plants in the garden, particularly when they are far from their home. In such cases, watering plants end up difficult for them as they associated with different works. Without squandering their chance and endeavors, they can have a superior alternative as a programmed plant watering framework that may help them watering the plants in the garden. This framework will help watering the plant consistently without your intercession.

Plant watering framework function as a decent item to facilitate the general population. It works well to water the plant consequently without utilizing human vitality. This framework is appropriate for working individuals, elderly and for the individuals who are far from their home. For example, when individuals go for an excursion or working outstation, this framework will be exceptionally helpful for them since they don't need to stress over their plants. This task is one of the answer for help individuals utilizing another high innovation which is Plant Watering System utilizing IOT(internet of things), which implies individuals can control their plant utilizing cell phone that need to interface with web.

Plant watering framework will help spare vitality and time particularly for a bustling man. This framework will expand the amount of the plant creation since it is set to be steady to water the plant each day with the exception of amid the stormy day since the dirt is as of now wet.

In this venture, a dirt sensor is connected to the dirt of the plant pot. At the point when the dirt sensor recognize the dampness of the dirt, it will send the data to the client by Blynk application, Arduino will execute the program to compute the correct water required by the plant. At that point, the servo engine will turn the situation of the plant pot, set by the program and the water pump will shoot the water to the plant.


Arduino NodeMCU
Soil Moisture Sensor
DC Pump Motor



Blynk is a cell phone application that enables you to make an interface for controlling and observing an undertaking. Blynk application is allowed to download for Android and iOS. Blynk utilizes an interface of intuitive gadgets. Blynk likewise can work over web, Bluetooth and USB. 

Fundamentally, to run the Blynk application, they will utilize an Internet stage. To associate a Blynk server and match it with cell phone, a Blynk libraries ought to be writes in the outline (coding segment).

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