Mi True Wireless Earphones


Net Weight
Charging Port
USB Type-C
5V = 1.1A
Wireless Connectivity
Bluetooth 4.2
Wireless Range                    
Charging Time
Bluetooth Profiles
Q/WMSX 002-2016
Bluetooth Profiles
Earphones' Battery Life ( standalone )
3 h ( at 80 % volume )
Total Battery Life ( with charging case )
10 h ( at 80 % volume )

True wireless stereo and freely enjoy listening
Free from cables, Xiaomi True Wireless stereo Earphone Air adopts split wireless earphones. Put them in your ears and you will enjoy a new experience of listening to music and making calls with both earphones simultaneously. This nimble and small product is embedded with unimaginable magical music power.

Switch earphones as you like, enjoyable experience sustained.
Without the limits of principal and subordinate wireless earphones, you can switch left/ right earphone freely at any time; When you make calls with a pair of earphones, with any earphone taken out, the other earphone will still play sound. Thus, it is free for you to wear one earphone or a pair of earphones. You can even share one earphone with your friends, experiencing simultaneous rhythm and growing joy.

Automatic sensing, Pause when you take earphone out
Built-in infrared optical sensor, the device can automatically sense the status of wearing. When you take out any earphones, music will automatically pause. So, any good sound wouldn't be missed. Even it is more effective to improve the actual time for using.

Black technology in acoustics make music more beautiful
Xiaomi True Wireless stereo Earphone Air adopts 7mm Neodymium magnet and titanium-plated diaphragm moving coil speaker unit, making the sound broader and fuller with a balanced triple frequency. With actively filtering out noise of ACC audio, purer sound and softer and truer sense of hearing will be achieved.

Clear sound with high quality worth listening
Xiaomi True Wireless stereo Earphones Air supports ACC advanced audio coding, enabling its excellent performance in vocal restoration and instrumental separation. At the same time, it retains the original sound more completely, and the high-quality sound meets the needs of various types of music.

Tap to unlock new experiences
When tapping on the devices, you can control the music, call, voice assistant, etc., without any pressure, and enjoy the intelligent controlling experience.

Clear call with a quite environment
Two high-sensitivity microphones are built in the left and right earphones to realize binaural call. Beamforming + ENC technology, effectively filtering out environmental noise for a high-fidelity call and clearer and better communication.

Connected within seconds, then comes great music
After the first match, charger case can connect the matched device automatically. The device can be connected with the case if disconnected in 30 minutes. Over 30 minutes, the device will shift to sleep mode with no operations. It will work again when you put them in your ears.

Charging, long-lasting battery life
The box is automatically charged, the earphones and the storage box support fast charging, charging for 10 minutes can be used for 70 minutes, 1 hour can be full. The charging box can additionally charge the earphones for 2 times, with 10 hours of music playing. This small storage box contains a number of black technology, including magnetic contact charging, Hall magnetic switch and USB Type-C interface, charging faster, long-endurance, full-day companionship.

Lightweight design for comfortable wearing
The single-sided earphone weighs only 5.8g, and the earplug adopts the side-in-ear design that fits the ear canal. It is matched with the silicone earmuffs suitable for the individual type of ears to enhance the effect of noise-cancelling and provide a comfortable and stable wearing experience. With IPX4 waterproof, you can enjoy music while exercising.

Portable storage with a long-term companion
It is equipped with a charging case that supports both storage and charging functions. The charging case weighing only 58g can automatically charge the Xiaomi earphones Air in the box. The storage is convenient and fast, which is good for your light and convenient travel. When you need music, it's always around you.

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